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Data Aggregation API (DAPI)


The Data Aggregation (DA) tool enables data owners (for example an Internet Service Provider -ISP that hold a bulk of their users’ data) to perform two important processes on their data: aggregation and anonymization. Such processes enable data owners to share these data in a privacy-preserving way. The DA tool resides on the data owner’s side and its input is the raw data that is available through the initial sources (telco data, sensor data, etc.) and it is transformed in a predefined schema / metadata model. The user (data owner) is responsible for preparing the data for processing (i.e., export from their initial source (internal database), clean them if needed, etc.). Afterwards, through the module, the user is able to choose the subset of the data to be aggregated / anonymized and set the related algorithmic parameters (for aggregation and anonymization). The output is the processed (aggregated / anonymized) data that can be exported to the PIMCity marketplace through an API that the module provides. The data resides on the data owner side and the interested party is able to retrieve them through this API.

Source Code

The project is open-source and its code is on the online repository:


The DPC Tool is distributed under AGPL-3.0-only, see the LICENSE file.
Copyright (C) 2021 LSTech - Evangelos Kotsifakos, Xavi Olivares.

Demonstration video
In this video we show:
  • The structure of the stack, including the API, the database and the anonymization component. API.
  • Import and anonymize a dataset with POST /data endpoint.
  • Check all the stored anonymized datasets from the system with the GET /datasets endpoint.
  • Download an existing anonymized dataset GET /dataset/{name} API.