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Data Valuation Tool from the Users' perspective (DVTUP)


The Data Valuation Tools from an End-User Perspective (DVTUP) module is to provide estimated valuations of end-users' data for the dataset they are selling through the marketplace as bulk data. In particular, DVTUP will provide tools for the TE to: i) provide buyers with a hint of how valuable a piece of data is for a certain type of model or even for a specific task, and ii) Calculate a fair breakdown of data transaction charges by seller, looking forward to rewarding each user proportionally to the value that each piece of data from different sellers brings to the buyer for a specific task.

In the first case, the output will be the expected accuracy the buyer will get from a dataset if purchased from the marketplace. In the second case, the output will estimate the percentage of a transaction value that corresponds to each seller, and a log of data and results obtained to justify rewards paid to different sellers. For that purpose, different methodologies and algorithms will be designed and implemented to allow data marketplaces to calculate such breakdown in different ways, namely: i) using traditional heuristics such as data volume or the number of sources, ii) using a value-based data evaluation framework to test data on the specific task the buyer is intended to use it in, and breaking the payment according to a value function (e.g., accuracy yielded by a given model or algorithm) provided by the buyer.

The Web interface is provided by the Swagger OpenAPI tools in our deployment as a single page application.

Access to the DVT API documentation

Go to the API definition
Source Code
The project is open-source and its code is on the online repository:
The Data Valuation Tool from the Users' Perspective (DVTUP) code is distributed under GPL-3.0, see the LICENSE file in the project repository.
Copyright (C) 2021 IMDEA NETWORKS - Santiago Andrés Azcoitia, Nikolaos Laoutaris.

Demonstration video
In this video we illustrate:
  • How to access the Data Valuation Tool from the User Perspective online tool.
  • How it can be used to estimate the value of specific audience.
  • The parameters that can be set to restrict the audience to the desired radius.